Barbell Club Membership

The barbell club is designed around the barbell and all of its movements. Most of them centered around weightlifting, powerlifting and/or strongman events. Weightlifting of course focuses on the snatch and clean & jerk. While powerlifting focuses on the back squat, bench press and deadlift. Our barbell club is for people who are serious about getting stronger in CrossFit or becoming competitive in Weightlifting, Powerlifting or Strongman.

During these sessions athletes will be allowed access to our facility to do the Strength & Conditioning Program that has been designed for them by a coach. These sessions are not monitored or led by a coach the way a CrossFit class or One on One training is. However the program you are on will be designed by a coach who will regularly monitor your performance and track progress.

Price $60.00 monthly ($50 monthly with a 12 month commitment/agreement)

One on One training and program design is available as well, contact or 850 572 6879.


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