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Start with a Free Introductory Class

Start with a Free Introductory Class

To begin your training at CrossFit Five Flags, you will start with a free Intro to CrossFit class. You can sign up by contacting us at (850) 572 6879 or by email at

In the Intro to CrossFit class, the coach will explain what CrossFit is, why it’s so effective, take you through a short workout to give you a taste of what it would be like to attend a class, and stick around to answer any questions you may have. Please come ready to work out in comfortable clothing suitable for the weather, and be sure to bring a water bottle and a gym towel. NOTE: We work out both in- and out-of-doors. Our “indoors” is in a warehouse that does not have heating or air conditioning, and we leave the bay doors open so it might as well be outdoors (except when it rains, you won’t get wet).

At CrossFit Five Flags, the training methodology is unlike any other gym class, bootcamp, or fitness program. We implement various tools to help our clients reach their fitness goals, from nutrition counseling to expert coaching on complex movements. Our program is comprised of Olympic weightlifting, power lifting, kettlebells and basic gymnastics movements—we don’t do machines, and we don’t do gimmicks.

We focus our attention on being extraordinarily effective at coaching our clients to move efficiently to realize their athletic potential and achieve their fitness goals as quickly as possible.

Private Coaching: Introduction to CrossFit Series

Private Coaching: Introduction to CrossFit Series

Are you ready to start doing CrossFit but don’t think you are ready for the pace of the Group Classes? If so, you can sign up for our Introduction to CrossFit series, which is four hours of one-on-one coaching with one of our coaches. During these sessions, you will work with your coach to build your general fitness base and gain familiarity with our movements with the goal to prepare you to join our fast-paced group classes. You will find the greatest success starting CrossFit with private coaching if your needs or goals include:

  • weight loss and improved body composition
  • extra accountability
  • you have generally been sedentary
  • you are new to exercise
  • you have specific performance oriented goals (triathlon, basketball, etc.)
  • you are pregnant or have just had a child
  • you have an orthopedic injury

Your coach will tailor workouts specifically for your current fitness level and progress you at the proper pace for you. Please note, if you have pre-existing injuries or are deconditioned, additional private coaching sessions may be required before moving into our fast-paced group classes. Price: $160 ($40 per hour)

Monthly CrossFit Training

Monthly CrossFit Training

The CrossFit classes will consist of constantly varied, functional movements executed at high intensity. Coaching will always be present and the programming is designed to improve your work capacity (aka fitness) as well as strength and other technical skills related to CrossFit and therefore sport or life.

Monthly CrossFit Training: $150 ($125 with a 12 month commitment/agreement)

Monthly Crossfit Training + Open Gym membership: $175 ($150 with a 12 month commitment/agreement)

Open Gym Membership

Open Gym Membership

This membership option is ideal for those who want to follow their own programming and simply need a space to train. If you’re an olympic weightlifter, power lifter or CrossFit competitor, this would be right up your alley. If you’ve tried this option in your local fitness chain you’ve probably been scolded for dropping plates or making too much noise. Not here, we have created an environment and community that recognizes hard work and encourages progress.

During Open Gym times you can:

  • Practice skills at your own pace, outside of the normal group
  • Do some extra work that your coaches have prescribed to you
  • Meet new friends and workout with them
  • Make-up a missed WOD
  • Prepare for an upcoming competition or event
  • Try new things – PLAY with your fitness! … Read More!


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