Open Gym Membership

Open Gym Membership

This membership option is ideal for those who want to follow their own programming and simply need a space to train. If you’re an olympic weightlifter, power lifter or CrossFit competitor, this would be right up your alley. If you’ve tried this option in your local fitness chain you’ve probably been scolded for dropping plates or making too much noise. Not here, we have created an environment and community that recognizes hard work and encourages progress.

During Open Gym times you can:

  • Practice skills at your own pace, outside of the normal group
  • Do some extra work that your coaches have prescribed to you
  • Meet new friends and workout with them
  • Make-up a missed WOD
  • Prepare for an upcoming competition or event
  • Try new things – PLAY with your fitness!

There are a few general house-keeping rules:

  • There will be no coaching going on.
  • If you’re seen doing something sketchy, you’ll be asked to stop
  • The usual common courtesy standards apply regarding equipment use. If you sweat on it, spray it and wipe it down. If you sweat a lot, mop it. If you are excessive with chalk, vacuum it and/or wipe it off equipment. Most equipment has a specific home. If you use it, put it away where it belongs how it belongs so it’s easy for the next person to find. The box and equipment are nice for a reason, we all try to take care of it. If you break something out of carelessness, you bought it. Report any equipment malfunctions right away to a coach.
  • This is not the time to bring a friend along that has never done CrossFit and does not have a membership.
  • Make sure you keep to the listed schedule

If you have an Open Gym membership you may attend any of the scheduled open gym times.

Price: $60 ($50 with a 12 month commitment/agreement)









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